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This is a list of things that need to be done on the wiki.


Categories to watch

Big, overarching pages

For the lua API

  • Create
  • Link to a tutorial or so (maybe Lua/Tutorial)
  • Talk about some of the benefits
  • Talk about the meaning WRT Minetest
  • Consider the existing Intro page
  • Create
  • Link to Lua tutorial and page, talk briefly about Lua
  • Link to some examples of good mods. Make sure they don't conflict with our licensing!
  • Briefly describe each part of the minetest object

For the core engine

  • Maybe move from Core Architecture, I don't know.
  • Talk about general structure, don't get into details or implementations (or code)
  • Link to pages for each component
  • List here things we need to document, how we will document those things, and more.
  • Maybe use Doxygen-style comments. Yes, do that.
  • Talk about how to translate and submit translation patches
  • A place for artists to go so they can understand the style

For community things

  • Something like a rule set, but nothing official (make that clear)
  • Link to IRC, Forums, GitHub
  • Explain how we use GitHub.
  • Mention issues, link to our pages, etc.
  • Explain how we use Git
  • Mention how to download things, how there are two separate repos, etc.
  • Answer most of the questions below

Littler pages

For the lua API

For the core engine

For community things

Potential questions from a new developer

Moved to Project_Overview

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