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Note that not all changes made to the code between releases are listed here. Fixes to bugs that were introduced after the previous release, small internal changes, code style fixes, and changes of the like are not listed. If you want a list of every change made between releases see the commit log.

If you want to see older versions, please go to this page.


5.0.0 → 5.0.1

5.0.1 was released on March 31, 2019.

  • Fix detached inventory serialisation (rubenwardy)
  • Fix texture rotation for wallmounted nodeboxes (sfan5)
  • Fix build failing on some compilers (rubenwardy)
  • Warn about issues with the num_emerge_threads setting (paramat, sofar)
  • HPChange Reason: Fix issues with custom reasons (rubenwardy)
  • Fix FreeBSD build by handling std::time_t properly (rubenwardy)
  • Confirm registration GUI: Remove positional strings to fix Windows bug (paramat)
  • Prevent multi-line chat messages server-side (rubenwardy)
  • httpfetch: Disable IPv6 here too if requested by settings (sfan5)

0.4.16 → 5.0.0

Note: This changelog is still incomplete.

Note: 5.0.0 is based on 0.4.16, not 0.4.17. 0.4.17 was created by backporting changes from the development branch of 5.0.0


  • Add online content repository (games, mods, modpacks, texture packs)
  • Add Carpathian mapgen
  • Automatic jumping
  • Android: Rewritten controls. Add joystick and modify up on-screen buttons
  • Mods and games can be translated
  • Rename 'subgame' to 'game'
  • Modding: More node drawtypes: disconnected nodeboxes (more ways to create connected blocks), plantlike_rooted (for underwater plants)
  • Modding: Custom player collision box
  • Modding: A great deal of new map generator features

New Version Scheme

Basically, the leading 0 has been dropped. The version scheme was thus changed from


(note: PATCH was left out when it was 0) to



This was chosen for a few reasons:

  • Shows that we aim to keep inter-version compatibility (which has mostly been the case since early 0.4.x)
  • Allows us to release patch/bug fix only releases without adding a silly 4th number
  • Doesn't imply that this version is the first stable/finished version as much as a 1.0.0 does.

For some context, read the issue that resulted in this change.

Breaking changes and deprecations

As a major release, 5.0.0 will break some mods written for 0.4.x versions. We tried to keep the breakages as small as possible whilst fixing long standing issues.

  • Minetest now uses C++11 instead of C++03, make sure you have a compatible system (Windows Vista, Debian 8, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7, macOS 10.7, …)
  • Breaks network compatibility with 0.4.x. 0.4.x clients won't be able to connect to 5.x servers and vice-versa. Fix: update clients and servers to 5.x
  • Attachment and player positions have been shifted by 1 node, to allow support for custom player selection boxes. Fix: update default and player_api, subtract 10 from any attachment positions, shift the origin of player models to the feet
  • Formspec theming using prepended strings. This may cause wrong backgrounds to appear on formspecs. Fix: see
  • depends.txt and description.txt have been deprecated. Fix: use description, depends, and optional_depends in mod.conf, game.conf, or texture_pack.conf instead
  • modpack.txt has been deprecated. Fix: rename to or add modpack.conf.
  • Use of deprecated methods such as object:setpos() is now warned about. Fix: replace them with correct functions
  • player:get/set_attribute() is now deprecated. Fix: use player:get_meta() instead
  • nodeupdate() was removed. Fix: replace with minetest.check_for_falling.
  • Clouds API: changed speed param from 'y' to 'z'
  • Player inventory list "hand" must now be manually initialized by mods (using set_size)
  • Some client-side scripting functions were removed (see below)

Note that a function being deprecated means that it still exists, but it may give a warning when used and may be removed in future. Deprecations are necessary to improve the consistency and efficiency of our API



  • Load a texture pack from the 'textures' subfolder of a game (red-001)

Map generators

  • Mapgen: Add Carpathian mapgen (Vaughan Lapsley)
  • Mapgen flags: Add 'biomes' global mapgen flag (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Add Y limits in all mapgens (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Add setting to prevent projecting dungeons (paramat)
  • Biomes: Add vertical biome blend (paramat)
  • Mgv7 floatlands: Add exponent parameter (paramat)

User interface

  • Add online content repository (mods, texture packs, mod packs, games) (rubenwardy)
  • Rename 'subgame' to 'game' (paramat)
  • Allow enter to select items from combobox's list (basicer)
  • Formspecs: Use mouse wheel to pick up and deposit single items (HybridDog)
  • Add player marker to both minimap types (nanoproject)
  • Delete world dialogue: Move buttons to avoid double click deletion (srifqi)
  • Add a refresh button to the server list (ThomasMonroe314)
  • Main menu: Change tabs to 'Start Game' and 'Join Game' (ThomasMonroe314)
  • Add password confirmation on new player registration (srifqi)
  • Adjust default console height (Ezhh)
  • Add coloured terminal output (HybridDog)
  • Add setting to display the itemstring after the tooltip in the inventory (DTA7)
  • Make world creation menu automatically generate a random world name (lisacvuk)
  • Change “Use” key name to “Special” (TeTpaAka)
  • Make number of maximum displayed chat messages configurable (Esteban)


  • Automatic jumping (bendeutsch)
  • Add pitch move mode, toggle with L key
  • Android: Rewritten controls. Add joystick and modify up on-screen buttons (srifqi)
  • More keys are changable in settings menu
  • Make direct item selection keys freely bindable via minetest.conf (Wuzzy)

World / server

  • Add setting for world start time, and change default to 5:15am (JRottm, paramat)
  • Allow for getting world name and path separately on the command line (Brian)
  • Add a server-sided way to remove color codes from incoming chat messages (red-001)
  • Object limits: Allow objects to exist outside the set 'mapgen limit' (paramat)

Chat commands and privileges

  • Add '/haspriv' chat command (ClobberXD)
  • Add '/kill' chat command (Wuzzy)
  • Remove 'zoom' privilege (zoom is now a player object property)
  • Do not grant all privileges to the admin - changes game behavior (lhofhansl)


  • Fog effect when camera is inside cloud (bendeutsch)
  • Camera: Add and improve arm inertia (kilbith)
  • Update light decoding table size (numberZero)
  • New lighting curve (numberZero)
  • Add setting for near plane distance (basicer)
  • Add Android drivers to the video_driver drop-down menu (Wayward1)


  • Sounds: Add falling node sounds (sofar)
  • Emit liquid sound if the player walks in liquid (juhdanad)
  • Play damage sound on player death (paramat)
  • Add mute setting (toggled by the mute key and in the volume menu) (DTA7)


  • Add support for authentication in an SQLite database (bendeutsch)
  • Add an optional readonly base database (lhofhansl)
  • Add crossview support (otdav33)
  • Optionally extend the active object in a players camera direction (lhofhansl)
  • Implement ability to set client node dig prediction result (sofar)


  • Add check to pause game on lost window focus (rubenwardy)
  • Load files from subfolders in texture packs (numberZero)
  • Make HUD status messages translatable (Wuzzy)


  • Add on_mods_loaded callback (nerzhul)
  • MetaDataRef: Add contains() and get() (rubenwardy)
  • Allow dumping userdata (HybridDog)
  • Hint at problematic code when logging deprecated calls (sfan5)
  • Add minetest.rgba function that returns ColorString from RGBA or RGB values (Gael-de-Sailly)
  • World config: Add modpack descriptions (HybridDog)
  • get_node_drops: Make empty drop return empty table (tenplus1)
  • Add core.remove_detached_inventory (SmallJoker)
  • Add disable_repair group to prevent tool repair (Wuzzy)
  • clear_craft: Return false if recipe not found, don't throw error (paramat)
  • Fix string.split returning an empty table if string starts with sepearator (pyrollo)

Formspecs / HUD

  • Formspecs: Add tooltip element for area (rubenwardy)
  • Formspecs: Allow setting alpha value for the box[] element (Thomas--S)
  • Formspecs: Add an auto vertical scrollbar to the textarea (adelcoding1)
  • Formspecs: Add options to set background color and opacity (fullscreen mode + default mode) (nerzhul)
  • Formspecs: textarea with scrollbar improvements (adrido)
  • HUD: Make hud_get return alignment, offset and size. (lisacvuk)


  • Give games the ability to disallow specific mapgens (Ezhh)
  • Load mod dependencies and description from mod.conf (rubenwardy)
User interface
  • Add clientside translations. (Ekdohibs)
  • Add formspec theming using prepended strings (rubenwardy)
  • Zoom: Set zoom FOV per-player using a player object property (paramat)
  • Zoom: Move enabling zoom to a new player object property (paramat)
  • Minimap: Add new HUD flag for minimap radar mode (paramat)
  • Allow overriding tool capabilities through itemstack metadata (raymoo)
  • Set placer to nil instead of a non-functional one in item_OnPlace (DTA7)
  • Overlays for wield and inventory images (juhdanad)
  • Make dropped items colorable (juhdanad)
  • Automatic item and node colorization (juhdanad)
  • Add eat sound (Wuzzy)
  • Add slippery group for nodes (players/items slide) (Wuzzy)
  • Connected Nodeboxes: Add 'disconnected' boxes (Thomas--S)
  • Add callback to preserve node metadata as item metadata (ashtrayoz)
  • Add 'plantlike_rooted' drawtype (numberZero)
  • ObjectRef: Add add_velocity() (HybridDog)
  • Allow damage for attached objects, add attach/detach callbacks (SmallJoker)
  • Optional alpha channel support for entities (stujones11)
  • Add static_save property to luaentites to not save them statically. (orwell96)
  • Object properties: Add 'glow', disables light's effect if negative (basicer)
  • core.get_objects_inside_radius: Omit removed objects (HybridDog)
  • Make entity selection and collision boxes independently settable (stujones11)
  • Customizeable max health and max breath for players (not persisted between server restarts) (SmallJoker)
  • Add reasons to on_dieplayer and on_hpchange (rubenwardy)
  • Add minetest.is_player (HybridDog)
  • Add on_grant and on_revoke callbacks (rubenwardy)
  • Player eye height: Make this a settable player object property (paramat)
  • Step height: Add as a player object property (paramat)
  • Player collisionbox: Make settable (TeTpaAka)
  • Add player inventory callbacks (SmallJoker)
  • Biomes: Add 'get_biome_name(biome_id)' API (paramat)
  • Biomes: Add 'min_pos'/'max_pos' xyz biome limits (paramat)
  • Biomes: Add decoration flags for underground decorations (paramat)
  • Biomes: Add function to deregister single biomes (zeuner)
  • Biomes / dungeons: Add biome-defined dungeon nodes (paramat)
  • Biomes / cavegen: Add definable cave liquid for a biome (paramat)
  • Biomes: Add 'get heat', 'get humidity', 'get biome data' APIs (paramat)
  • Biomes/decorations/ores: Make relative to 'water_level' setting (paramat)
  • Place schematic (on vmanip): Enable use of 'place center' flags (paramat)
  • Ores: Add stratum ore (paramat)
  • Stratum ore: Add option for a constant thickness stratum (paramat)
  • Stratum ore: Allow use with no noise for simple horizontal strata (paramat)
  • Simple decorations: Add 'param2_max' parameter for random param2 (paramat)
  • Schematic decorations: Add 'place_offset_y' placement parameter (paramat)
  • Decoration API: Add lightweight ability to have complete coverage (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Remove incorrectly defined and unused 'volume nodes' (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Add 'mount_zero_level' parameter (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Add option to repeat surface biomes in floatlands (paramat)
  • Mgvalleys: Make river depth variation and humidity drop optional (paramat)
  • CavesRandomWalk: Make 'lava_depth' a mapgen parameter (paramat)
  • Gennotify: Add 'minetest.get_decoration_id' API (paramat)
  • Spawn level: Add 'get_spawn_level(x, z)' API (paramat)
  • Add minetest.bulk_set_node call + optimize Environment::set_node call (nerzhul)
  • Implement minetest.register_can_bypass_userlimit (nerzhul)
  • Make the server status message customizable (SmallJoker)
  • Allow the join/leave message to be overridden by mods. (red-001)
  • is_area_protected: Rename from intersects_protection (SmallJoker)
  • Intersects_protection(): Move from Minetest Game to builtin (paramat)
Graphics and sounds
  • Real global textures (numberZero)
  • Clouds API: change speed from 'y' to 'z', ColorSpecs in Lua docs (bendeutsch)
  • In-cloud fog: Strengthen effect when small view range is used (lhofhansl)
  • Sound: Add pitch option (Rui-Minetest)
Utility features
  • Allow 'default' parameter in 'settings:get_bool' function (Jordan Irwin)
  • Add `on_auth_fail` callback (red-001)
  • Make core.auth_table private and structure builtin/auth.lua (sfan5)
  • Add sha1 to lua utils. (basicer)
  • Remove nodeupdate and nodeupdate_single (Rui-Minetest)
  • Expose getPointedThing to Lua (juhdanad)
  • Helper methods for hardware colorization (juhdanad)
  • httpfetch: Enable gzip support (sfan5)
  • Rename hasprivs command to haspriv (ezhh)


  • Add flavour limits controlled by server (nerzhul)
  • Disallow exploitable clientside mod functions by default (paramat)
  • Rename CSM flavours to restrictions (SmallJoker)
  • Remove screenshot API (red-001)
  • Don't Load the package library (red-001)
  • Remove `on_connect` callback (red-001)
  • Add functions to create particles and particlespawners. (red-001)
  • Don't load the IO library. (red-001)
  • Add a way to get current locale from CSM (lisacvuk)
  • Add callback on open inventory (Dumbledor)
  • Implement mod communication channels (nerzhul)
  • Create a filesystem abstraction layer for CSM and only allow accessing files that are scanned into it. (red-001)
  • Add function to get player privileges (red-001)

Bug fixes and small improvements

Also a big thanks to paramat, ClobberXD, pauloue, gituser2194, lhofhansl, ashtrayoz, Wuzzy, and Ezhh for their contributions to documentation, in no particular order.


  • Fix crash caused by Lua error during startup (red-001)
  • Pointed_thing_to_face_pos: Avoid crash when player is inside a node (paramat)
  • Fix segfault in player migration and crash in log_deprecated (SmallJoker)
  • Fix crash guiConfirmRegistration quit menu (Vincent Glize)
  • Fix built-in inventory list crash when size = 0 (SmallJoker)
  • Fix a crash or random memory leak when resetting saved environment variable in test_servermodmanager.cpp (nerzhul)
  • Fix crash on can_bypass_userlimit returning non-boolean (rubenwardy)
  • Fix error if setting menu_last_game is not a valid game (nOOb3167)
  • Builtin: Fix handle_node_drops crash with nil digger (SmallJoker)
  • Fix issue Minetest crash when custom font path is not exist (srifqi)
  • Thread: fix a crash on Windows due to data race condition on Thread::m_start_finished_mutex (nerzhul)
  • Fix crash on revocation of removed privilege (rubenwardy)
  • Fix crash when using --go in command line (juozaspo)
  • Fix crash due to missing pointer validation (nerzhul)
  • Fix get_server_status() segfault due to uninitialized m_env (rubenwardy)


  • Fix many Android build issues (nerzhul)
  • Fix i386 bit build at OpenBSD (mazocomp)
  • Fix compile error in OpenBSD (jcalve)
  • Fix MSVC compiling annoyances (adrido)
  • directiontables: Fix MSVC compiler error (adrido)
  • Fix MacOS builds (Pavel Puchkin)
  • Travis-ci build: fix osx jpeg installation failure, git ambiguous argument error (caused by merging commits) and add a workaround for travis commit range bug (juozaspo)


  • Provide Xorg/net wm process ID (thoughtjigs)
  • Make os.tempfolder work correctly for MinGW & MSVC (nOOb3167)
  • Print error when HOME is not set (Midgard)
  • MacOS: don't require X11 libraries during compilation (D Tim Cummings)
  • Prevent Android from automatically locking display (Wayward1)
  • Windows: Cpack wix installer (adrido)


  • Fix liquid bottoms not being rendered (numberZero)
  • Fix liquid post effect colour behaviour in third person view (red-001)
  • Fix dark liquids (numberZero)
  • Use crack animation on all tile layers (juhdanad)
  • Smoothed yaw rotation for objects (SmallJoker)
  • Disable shaders GUI on unsupported drivers (numberZero)
  • Fix missing ignore textures (HybridDog)
  • Make sure color returns to normal after a damage flash (lhofhansl)
  • Camera: Improve subpixel movement (SmallJoker)
  • Camera: Fix wieldmesh glitch after teleporting (kilbith)
  • upright_sprite: Fix texture position for players (SmallJoker)
  • Fix node-nodebox lighting difference in direct sunlight (numberZero)
  • Fix ambient occlusion and dark lines at mapblock borders (numberZero)
  • Don't recalculate statustext initial color every time & review fixes (nerzhul)
  • Clear colors when reading property info. Set vertex colors on upright_sprites. (basicer)
  • Fix items turning black (numberZero)
  • Fix dropped item look (HybridDog)
  • Fix item and wield meshes (numberZero)
  • Do not scale texture unless necessary. (lhofhansl)
  • Avoid filtering low-res textures for animated meshes (incl. players) (lhofhansl)
  • Reduce server FOV with forward speed (lhofhansl)
  • ParticleSpawner::step cleanup and rotation fix (SmallJoker)
  • Fix incorrect buffer size calculation on creation of HUD status messages (rubenwardy)
  • Particles: Do not add digging particles for airlike nodes (SmallJoker)
  • Fix animation frame_speed and blend loosing precision (sapier)
  • Fix undefined behaviour in arm movement when dividing by zero (nerzhul)
  • Fix render order of overlays (juhdanad)
  • Particles: Make collision with objects optional (paramat)
  • Fix stretched stars bug, change render order (Aspen)
  • Software inventorycube (Vitality)
  • Light curve: Simplify and improve code, fix darkened daytime sky (Vitality)
  • Smooth lighting: Fix light leaking through edge-connected corners (DTA7)
  • Darkness detection: Reduce chance of false positives darkening the skybox (lhofhansl)
  • Fix sky objects not rendering with OpenGL ES (stujones11)
  • Night clouds: Boost brightness for a moonlit appearence (paramat)
  • Night sky: Fix brightness threshold for applying night colours (paramat)

User interface

  • Fix debug and info text being the wrong color (rubenwardy)
  • Fix tooltip colors specified by formspec part (rubenwardy)
  • Make RTT display (F5 information) working correctly again (HybridDog)
  • Don't show Android edit dialog when tapping read-only field (srifqi)
  • Make sounds stop playing when entering game or mainmenu (nOOb3167)
  • Fix dancing text for formspec input fields (numberZero)
  • Chat: Remove prompt history duplicates (SmallJoker)
  • Statbars: fix incorrect half-images in non-standard orientations (Ekdohibs)
  • Advanced settings: Add range check for float type (srifqi)
  • Move the nametag back to the top of the player (TeTpaAka)
  • Chat: Move chat text down to not overlap 3rd line of debug text (paramat)
  • Fix console resize issue when changed game window (Ezhh, Zeno-)
  • Android buttons: Inset 'rare controls', inset and resize 'gear icon' (paramat)
  • Main menu: Clean up and improve advanced settings dialogues (SmallJoker)
  • Escape special characters when searching the server list (ChimneySwift)


  • Mitigate formspec exploits by verifying that the formspec was shown to the user by the server. (red-001)
  • Make container[] support fractional offsets (SmallJoker)
  • Remove accidental empty 'quit' field (SmallJoker)
  • Unify textarea and field parsing functions, fix wrong fallback text (SmallJoker)
  • Formspec verification: Fix show_formspec inside callbacks (SmallJoker
  • Fix wrong scrolling of formspec input fields (numberZero)
  • Inventory: Restrict access from too far away (SmallJoker)
  • Fix mousewheel behaviour in textarea (shivajiva101)
  • Fallback to 'label' in readonly textarea[] (backwards compatible) (SmallJoker)
  • Fix invalid background warning (SmallJoker)
  • Fix text clipped by scrollbars (random-geek)


  • Optimized MapBlock mesh generation (lhofhansl)
  • Optimize ABM checks (lhofhansl)
  • Fix bugs in networking which caused a performance loss (lhofhansl)
  • Builtin auth handler: Speed up file writing (SmallJoker)
  • Huge LBM lookup performance improvement on mapblock loading (nerzhul)
  • Fix last performance-type-promotion-in-math-fn problems (nerzhul)
  • Optimize a little bit isBlockInSight, adjustDist & collisions (nerzhul)
  • Line_of_sight: Improve using VoxelLineIterator (juhdanad)
  • Cache server config settings. (lhofhansl)
  • Very little performance fix on correctBlockNodeIds (nerzhul)
  • Don't search for locale folders if gettext is disabled (adrido)


  • Use server's zoom fov for distant world loading. (lhofhansl)
  • Fix ipv6_server=true not accepting IPv4 connections on Windows (sfan5)
  • Fix narrow/utf8 difference in incoming/outcoming messages (numberZero)
  • Fix day_night_ratio_do_override not being initialised server-side (rubenwardy)
  • Fix attached particle spawners far from spawn (raymoo)
  • Server: affect bind_addr on constructor instead of start() (nerzhul)
  • Network: Fix logging into older worlds with base64 hashes (SmallJoker)
  • Server: Calculate maximal total block sends dynamically (SmallJoker)
  • Have the server send the player list to the client (red-001)

Chat commands and privileges

  • Check if player exists on use of /privs (ClobberXD)
  • Reduce block load glitches (lhofhansl)
  • Make the /shutdown command work properly (dopik, SmallJoker)
  • Prevent /spawnentity from spawning unknown entity (Wuzzy)


  • Fix blocks written by VManip not being marked as modified (sfan5)
  • Set range of blocks to retrieve per roundtrip to 2. (lhofhansl)
  • Retrieve a small cone of blocks in the direction of the players velocity. (lhofhansl)

Map generator

  • Change mapgen order to ores > dungeons > decorations (paramat)
  • Biome API: Fix absent water decorations and dust, in deep water (paramat)
  • Biome-defined dungeon nodes: Use faster biome calculation (paramat)
  • Biomemap: Avoid empty biomemap entry to fix failing biome dust (paramat)
  • Biomes: Fix vertical biome blend (paramat)
  • Biome dust node: Only place on 'walkable' cubic non-liquid drawtypes (paramat)
  • Biome generation: Fix layers of 'filler' nodes at biome y limits (paramat)
  • Mgv5: Make spawn position search more reliable (paramat)
  • Mgv6 mudflow: Avoid partially removed stacked decorations (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Raise spawn point by 1 node for no mountain case (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Avoid rivergen removing mod-placed nodes when overgenerating (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Avoid divide-by-zero errors (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Fix undefined 'float_mount_height' (paramat)
  • Mgfractal: Improve spawning behaviour (paramat)
  • Mgv5/v7/fractal: Add 'large_cave_depth' parameter to replace fixed value (paramat)
  • Fix Mapgen Valleys getSpawnLevelAtPoint() (Treer)
  • Vein ore: Fix bug caused by changing perlinmap Y size (paramat)
  • Schematic decorations: Fix placement bug when centered and rotated (paramat)
  • Simple decorations: Make 'place_offset_y' usable with simple decorations (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Fix duplication of y limit parameters (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Mostly fix missing stair nodes (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Avoid generation in multiple liquid nodes and 'airlike' (paramat)
  • Dungeons: Use biome 'node_stone' if normal stone types not detected (paramat)
  • Cavegen: Fix errors when getting biome outside mapchunk (paramat)
  • Cavegen: Re-order generation to fix cavern bug (paramat)
  • Cavegen: Avoid unsupported biome 'top' or 'filler' nodes (paramat)
  • valleys mapgen: Fixed submarine valleys shape (Gael-de-Sailly)
  • settingtypes.txt: Fix valleys dungeon ymax error (paramat)
  • L-system: Fix leaves cutting through stems (HybridDog)

Items and nodes

  • Pointed thing to face pos: Use 'eye height' object property (paramat)
  • Ensure no item stack is being held before crafting (Luis Cáceres)
  • core.rotate_node: Run callbacks like with any regular placed node (SmallJoker)
  • Don't try to craft a non-existent item (Esteban)
  • Fix rotated node placement (tenplus1)
  • Item drop: Tune to land exactly 2 nodes away with level view (paramat)
  • Check item_drop amount clientside (rubenwardy)
  • Fix Android node selection distance (juhdanad)
  • Safe digging and placing (bendeutsch)
  • Fix for empty key/value when reading item string with wear but no metadata (Jesse McDonald)
  • Inventory: Fix wrong stack size behaviour and item loss (SmallJoker)


  • Fix objects colliding with their children (SmallJoker)
  • core.spawn_falling_node: Keep metadata (SmallJoker)
  • Collision engine: Collide with 'ignore' nodes (paramat)
  • falling.lua: Delete falling node entities on contact with 'ignore' (paramat)
  • Position entity nametags relative to selection-box (stujones11)
  • Damage: Remove damage ignore timer (SmallJoker)
  • Item entities: Enable item collision detection for sudden movement (DTA7)
  • Ease selection of entities behind nodes (SmallJoker)
  • Object properties: Fix loss of custom selectionbox when it's not updated (SmallJoker)
  • GenericCAO: Fix light position for non-players, remove deprecated initialisation code (SmallJoker)
  • GenericCAO: Fix dark model below y = 0 (paramat)
  • CAO footstep sounds: Reduce gain to balance volume (paramat)


  • Make player liquid speed independent of FPS (paramat)
  • Run detach callbacks on player leave (SmallJoker)
  • Localplayer: Fix disable_jump effect and getStandingNodePos() (SmallJoker)
  • Android stepheight: Only increase if 'touching ground' (paramat)
  • Respect object property hp_max field for players (SmallJoker)
  • Do not add base position to player selection box (stujones11)
  • Abort if static_spawnpoint is an invalid setting instead of just giving an error log (HybridDog)
  • Fix error not printed to console when no name is provided (juozaspo)
  • Fix player coordinate rounding in collisionMoveSimple() (JRottm)
  • Sneak: Stripped down version (SmallJoker)
  • (Re)spawn players within 'mapgen_limit' (paramat)
  • Stop autoforward on BACKWARD key-press (tukkek)
  • Apply physics overrides correctly during anticheat calculations (sfan5)


  • Fix builtin Lua function os.tempfolder (nOOb3167)
  • Fix isNan check for object:set_yaw(..) (nerzhul)
  • Fix LuaJIT include directory not being found (rubenwardy)
  • Check argument types inside MetaDataRef Lua API (sfan5)
  • Fix buffer parameter not working in LuaPerlinNoiseMap::l_getMapSlice() (pgimeno)
  • Fix naming conventions of noise userdata (rubenwardy)
  • Fix rounding error in g/set_node caused by truncation to float (rubenwardy)
  • Vector fun
  • CAO footstep sounds: Reduce gain to balance volume (paramat)aramat)
  • Fix default item callbacks to work with nil users (raymoo)
  • on_death: Fix callback number of pushed arguments (SmallJoker)
  • Fix core.wrap_text and make its behaviour consistent with the docs (sfan5)
  • Trigger on_rightclick regardless on the formspec meta field (SmallJoker)
  • LBM: use range based for and fixed a loop variable overloading in applyLBMs (nerzhul)
  • Fix deserialization of ItemDefinition (Rui-Minetest)
  • Plantlike meshoptions: Fix inverted random vertical offset (numberZero)
  • Player hand list: require init by mods (SmallJoker)


  • Fix missing logs from warningstream (or similar) (HybridDog)
  • Fix off-by-one in log output line length (pgimeno)
  • Profiler: Fix var args not being passed to callback register function (rubenwardy)

Internal / code quality

  • Add a MSVC / Windows compatible snprintf function (nOOb3167)
  • Fix memory leaks in mod storage (nerzhul, red-001)
  • Fix rtt >= 0.0f assertion and free_move crash (SmallJoker)
  • Global new() or grab() to be managed in constructor only (JDCodeIt)
  • Node resolver: Make error on fallback optional, disable for mapgen aliases (paramat)
  • FOV: Raise lower limit to avoid zoom-loading of distant world (paramat)
  • Fix many issues reported by clang-tidy (nerzhul)
  • Fix various clang-tidy reported performance-type-promotion-in-math-fn (nerzhul)
  • Selected ItemStack: Reduce black magic and improve the stack swapping behavior (SmallJoker)
  • core.rotate_node: Do not trigger after_place_node (SmallJoker)
  • Sound: fix static initialization order dependency by not having one (nOOb3167)
  • Fix various Client class functions not marked as override (virtual) (nerzhul)
  • Guard sound manager initialization with "enable_sound" (nOOb3167)
  • Fix an alone if to be with a missing else (nerzhul)
  • Drop texture file list cache (numberZero)
  • Variable name fix + structure creation unrolling in lighting code (nerzhul)
  • getv3intfield: Fix logic of return bool (paramat)
  • Generate Notifier: Clear events once after all 'on generated' functions (paramat)
  • Fix Wstringop-overflow warning from util/srp.cpp (HybridDog)
  • Tool getDigParams: Fix selecting the best fitting time (HybridDog)
  • Fix undefined behaviour on getting pointer to data in empty vector (nOOb3167)
  • Use Irrlicht's mesh cache for animated meshes. (lhofhansl)
  • Shut down mapgen threads before other shutdown tasks (raymoo)
  • Allow zoom to actually show more data. (lhofhansl)
  • Make use of safe file writing in auth handler (sfan5)
  • Fix inventory drag drop flag (asl97)
  • Fix strict_protocol_version_checking functionality after ee9a442 (SmallJoker)
  • Fix empty legacy meta being persisted (rubenwardy)
  • Lint fix on localplayer.h (nerzhul)
  • Sort box corners correctly (Thomas--S)
  • Remove unused Map::getDayNightDiff + fix one undefined variable in mapblock.cpp (nerzhul)
  • Check node updates whether the blocks are known (SmallJoker)
  • Really delete things in fs::RecursiveDelete (Vitality)
  • Disable HW stereo for IrrLicht 1.9 (numberZero)


  • Fix for translating empty strings (minduser00)
  • Positional sound: Limit volume when closer than 1 node (paramat)
  • Change the server description after a search (Dumbledor)
  • Fix no sound bug (Rui-Minetest)

Other / Misc

  • Version scheme change: 0.5.0 -> 5.0.0 (nerzhul)
  • Move ASCII art to std::cerr, to remove it from logs (rubenwardy)
  • PlayerSettings struct for player movement code (bendeutsch)
  • Client eventmanager refactor (nerzhul)
  • Update mesh collector and move it to a separate file (numberZero)
  • Add Voxelarea unittests (nerzhul)
  • VoxelArea: add_{x,y,z,p} must be static (nerzhul)
  • Cleanup in flat lighting (numberZero)
  • Node definition manager refactor (juhdanad)
  • Move 'setlocale' from Lua to C++. (red-001)
  • Rewrite rendering engine (numberZero)
  • Improve the path select GUI (red-001) → (Android Only)

Patched to fix some Android crashes, released on June 28, 2018.

  • Android: Use correct temporary path (stujones11)
  • Fix MurmurHash implementation to really be unaligned (sfan5)
  • Fix crash caused by Lua error during startup (red-001)
  • Fix buffer overrun in SRP (red-001)
  • Android: use c++_shared library instead of c++_static (nerzhul)
  • Android: Fix android tools version used to build MT (nerzhul)

0.4.17 →

Patched 0.4.17 to fix a crash, released on June 10, 2018.

  • Correct character encoding for chat_send_player and chat_send_all
  • Fix crash caused by log_deprecated and the use of deprecated functions
  • Fix crash on pause menu when pressing up/down keys
  • Android build system fixes

0.4.16 → 0.4.17

Backported release containing only bug fixes and small features. 0.4.17 was released on June 3, 2018.


  • Builtin auth handler: Speed up file writing
  • LBM lookup performance improvement on mapblock loading
  • Minetest ASCII art: Move from actionstream to rawstream
  • CollisionMoveSimple: Collide with 'ignore' nodes
  • Allow objects to exist outside of 'mapgen limit' (mapblocks may exist)
  • Find nodes in area (under air): Raise volume limit
  • Allow dumping userdata using dump()
  • Add minetest.is_player API function
  • Refine movement anticheat (again)
  • Apply physics overrides correctly during anticheat calculations
  • Shut down mapgen threads before other shutdown tasks
  • Show script source of deprecated function calls
  • Inventory: Restrict access from too far away (anticheat)
  • Improve Settings tab button alignments
  • Add minetest.sha1 util API function
  • Avoid filtering low-res textures for animated meshes
  • Add setting for near plane distance to improve performance
  • Footstep sounds: Reduce gain to balance volume
  • Positional sound: Limit volume when closer than 1 node
  • Leveled nodebox: Change levels from 1/63rds to 1/64ths
  • ClientInterface: user limit checking function
  • Make dropped items colorable
  • Trigger on_rightclick regardless on the formspec meta field
  • Clarify "Full viewing range" key message
  • Rework new sneak code, minimize
  • Tile material: Opaque textures by default to prevent xray effect
  • Automatic item and node colorization
  • find_nodes_in_area: Extend maximal count to U32_MAX
  • Add server option to remove color codes from chat messages

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Various build fixes (LuaJIT not found, OpenBSD)
  • Dungeons: Mostly fix missing stair nodes
  • Cavegen: Fix variable typo that broke mgvalleys large cave distribution
  • Prevent translating empty strings
  • upright_sprite: Fix texture position for players
  • core.rotate_node: Do not trigger after_place_node for mod compatibility
  • macOS: don't require X11 libraries during compilation
  • Generate Notifier: Clear events once after all 'on generated' functions
  • Fix liquid post effect colour behaviour in third person view
  • Delete world dialog: Move buttons to avoid double click deletion
  • Fix /shutdown countdown parameter
  • Check argument types inside MetaDataRef Lua API
  • Fix "Ignoring CONTENT_IGNORE redefinition" warning
  • dropped items and falling nodes: Delete in 'ignore' nodes
  • Move setlocale from Lua to C++
  • Fix off-by-one in log output line length
  • Fix buffer parameter not working in getMapSlice()
  • Fix rounding error in g/set_node caused by truncation to float
  • Fix dancing text in text input fields
  • Fix undefined behaviour on getting pointer to data in empty vector
  • Fix wrong scrolling in text areas
  • Builtin: Fix handle_node_drops crash with nil digger
  • Damage: Remove damage ignore timer due to abuse potential
  • Ensure no item stack is being held before crafting
  • Several documentation additions, improvements
  • core.rotate_node: Run callbacks like with any regular placed node
  • Biome dust node: Only place on 'walkable' cubic non-liquid drawtypes
  • Make use of safe file writing in auth handler
  • Add minetest.safe_write_file() API function
  • Fix issue Minetest crash when custom font path is not exist
  • Fix Settings tab formspec alignment
  • Do not scale texture unless necessary
  • httpfetch: Enable gzip support
  • Fix day_night_ratio_do_override not being initialised server-side
  • Fix default item callbacks to work with nil users
  • Prevent from crafting non-existent, unknown items
  • Profiler: Fix var args not being passed to callback register function
  • Unkown nodes: Provide position on interact
  • Fix attached particle spawners far from spawn
  • Localplayer: Fix disable_jump effect and standing node position
  • Fix blocks written by vmanip not being marked as modified
  • Set placer to nil instead of a non-functional one in item_OnPlace
  • Fix Rotate Node Placement
  • ServerEnv: Clean up object lifecycle handling (item deletion)
  • Fix the core.wrap_text function
  • Fix empty legacy meta being persisted
  • Statbars: fix incorrect half-images in non-standard orientations
  • Android stepheight: Only increase if 'touching ground'
  • Fix Android node selection distance
  • serialize: use a temporary for SerializeException
  • Fix player coordinate rounding in collisionMoveSimple()
  • Various crash and error fixes
  • Fix for empty key/value when reading item string with wear but no metadata
  • Fix render order of overlays
  • Fix console resize issue when maximising game window
  • Fix console not being properly resized after window size changed
  • Verify HudSetParams input when hotbar textures are set
  • (Re)spawn players within 'mapgen_limit'
  • Fix sending color codes to clients that don't support them

0.4.15 → 0.4.16

0.4.16 was released on June 3, 2017.

  • Minimum version supported is now 0.4.11


  • Add 2D sheet animations for nodes (sfan5)
  • Drop client side chat prediction. No more messages shown to chat when you talk and you are disconnected. (red-001)
  • Add particle animation, glow (sfan5)
  • Server list: add ping indicators (kilbith)
  • Server side occlusion culling (lhofhansl)
  • New custom progress bar (you can customize it with texture packs) (kilbith)
  • Implement delayed shutdown for server owners: /shutdown 60 => shutdowns in 1 min /shutdown -1 cancels it (nerzhul)
  • Add support for requesting a reconnect and changing the shutdown message to /shutdown (red-001)
  • Add a mapblock cache in MeshUpdateQueue to improve client rendering performance (celeron55)
  • Player data can now be into database. This is an important change, players to files are always supported for this release but deprecated. Files backend for players will be removed in a future release. See for compat matrix and migration steps. (nerzhul)
  • Sounds: add fading sounds (Bremaweb, krock)
  • Save automatically window size when modified. This behaviour can be disabled in client settings (nerzhul)
  • Add cancel button to password change formspec (red-001)
  • Improve pause menu with more user friendly informations and update keys dynamicly depending on your configuration (red-001)
  • Merge singleplayer & server tab on desktop clients (octacian)
  • Add /clearinv chat command (octacian)
  • Add keyword-based search to server-list and advance settings (red-001, rubenwardy)
  • Add hardware-based itemstacks and node coloring (juhdanad)
  • Undersampling which should make minetest run better on low end devices (numberZero)

Cheat fixes

  • Breath cheat is now definitively fixed. Hacked clients cannot ignore breath anymore. (nerzhul)
  • Fix node damage cheat. They are now calculated server side. Hacked clients cannot ignore node damages anymore (fire, lava, cactus...). (nerzhul)
  • Disallow dropping items while dead. (sfan5)
  • Calculate maximum interact distance from wielded tool. (sfan5)

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Little antispam fix (nerzhul)
  • Fix a little bit fog calculations (lhofhansl)
  • Fix player deletion problem when too many objects are in a mapblock (nerzhul)
  • Better block sending priorities to send map to players (???)
  • Sneaking changes (krock, paramat, sfan5)
  • Huge ABM handling code performance improvement (nerzhul)
  • Smooth lighting for all nodes (numberZero)
  • Added mesh generation delay (numberZero)
  • PostgreSQL bugfix on blocks deletion (nerzhul)
  • Windows integration enhancements (???)
  • Wieldmesh natural orientation (kilbith)
  • Memleak fix on client disconnection (nerzhul)
  • Various performance fixes (???)
  • Fix Windows icon (adrido)
  • Fix various minor memleaks (nerzhul?)
  • Recent LuaJIT fixes (nerzhul)
  • Reduce network packet reading/writing memory usage (???)
  • Binding tab now doesn't exit game when used (sofar)
  • Light update for mapblocks (juhdanad)
  • Client: reduce fake object reactions in client event queue (nerzhul)
  • Crashfix when reading schematic calls from API in some cases (nerzhul)
  • Limit sound volume when incorrect value was set into config (???)
  • Fix Cursor lock problem when window is inactive (krock)
  • Particles are now sent to client regarding distance (huge performance improvement on particle servers) (paramat)
  • Really disable minimap when disabled in configuration (nerzhul)
  • Fix a damage bug when falling from a very high height (red-001)
  • Various documentation fixes (???)
  • Expose singlenode mapgen to menu (nerzhul)
  • Dropdown menu selection fix (red-001)
  • Tooltip display unification between tooltip[] and list[] (krock)
  • ServerActiveObjects are now removed when overtaking map limits (nerzhul, paramat)
  • Chat console height can now be set by the player. (Shara RedCat)
  • Additional option added to node highlighting drop-down. (Shara RedCat)

Client Modding

  • Introducing Client-Side modding (CSM for the initiated). You can now have local mods to read various client data and handle different client events. This new modding step is very secure, you don't have access to all standard Lua API, just a subset, to protect your computers. Mods should be installed in @user_path@/clientmods.
  • You will also have access to Client side commands, starting with a dot.
  • If you want to know more about CSM API, please look at Client Side Modding documentation
  • Added by nerzhul, red-001, bigfoot547, Dumbeldor and paly2.

Server Modding

  • Enable mod_security by default
  • Add minetest.player_exists() (rubenwardy)
  • Add player attributes backend. This permits modders to store misc player related data to core and retrieve it after player loading. The attribute save is done by core. (nerzhul)
  • Add mod metadata API permitting mods to have a standard way to write their own data. We recommend you to use this instead of your custom files backend. (nerzhul)
  • Add position & anchor attributes for formspecs (adelcoding1)
  • Add minetest.spawn_falling_node call (zaoqi)
  • Remove core.cause_crash Lua call (nerzhul)
  • Add on_flood server Lua callback sofar)
  • Add clouds API (bendeutsch)
  • Add private node meta to prevent some informations to be leaked to client (example: chest contents) (sfan5)

Other / Misc

  • Redis backend authentication support (sfan5)
  • PostgreSQL < 9.5 support (???)
  • Code refactoring (Game, Environments) (???)
  • Introduce clang-format on repository to check and reformat C++ code with our rules (~15% source code managed) (nerzhul)
  • Move external libs outside of src/ to lib/ (nerzhul)
  • Update jsoncpp embedded lib to last C++03 version (0.10.6) (nerzhul)
  • Disable leveldb on Android (Ekdohibs)
  • Implement daily gitlab package build for Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora (nerzhul)
  • Translations updates (Multiple people)

Minetest Game changes

0.4.14 → 0.4.15

0.4.15 was released on Dec 22, 2016.

No official changelog exists yet, however you can find an unofficial one here:

0.4.13 → 0.4.14

0.4.14 was released on May 15, 2016.


  • Add viewing range GUI setting (kilbith)
  • New settings tab contain all possible settings (PilzAdam)
  • WoW-style Autorun (Duane Robertson)
  • Add server side ncurses terminal (est31)
  • Add support for audio feedback if placing node failed (BlockMen)
  • New 3D Mode: Pageflip (Dalai Felinto)
  • Add Valleys mapgen (Duane Robertson)
  • Add /admin command which says who the server admin is (Splizard)
  • Add '/clearobjects quick' (kahrl)
  • Minimap: show player markers (RealBadAngel)
  • Add support for non-ASCII characters to chat console (ShadowNinja)
  • Nodebox: Allow nodeboxes to "connect" (Auke Kok)
  • Add option to disable entity selectionboxes (TriBlade9)
  • Add option to change screenshot file format (kaeza)

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fix object position border checking (est31)
  • Fix falling through nodes on world load (Christof Kaufmann)
  • Add environment variable MINETEST_WORLD_PATH (SmallJoker)
  • Fix crash regression when invsize formspec gets used (est31)
  • Fix GUITable selection issues with trees (kahrl)
  • Speed up and make more accurate relief mapping (RealBadAngel)
  • Add option to give every object a nametag (BlockMen)
  • Add support for limiting rotation of automatic face movement dir entities (sapier)
  • Fix wield item glitch (RealBadAngel)
  • Allow per-tiles culling (Auke Kok)
  • Mapblock mesh: Eliminate meshgen lags (RealBadAngel)
  • Fix jumping at node edge (gregorycu)
  • Restore simple settings tab and add advanced settings as dialog (BlockMen)
  • Mapblock mesh: Allow to use VBO (RealBadAngel)
  • Update menu header image (Jean-Patrick Guerrero)
  • Fix player dying on login (Ekdohibs)
  • Mainmenu: Refactor tab UI code (Rui419)
  • Fix hotbar placement on displays with low screen density (PilzAdam)
  • Mainmenu: Unify favorite servers with main serverlist (kilbith)
  • Builtin: Add basic_privs setting (rubenwardy)
  • Optimize default settings for Android build (Maksim Gamarnik)
  • Fix locked hardware buttons on Android (Maksim Gamarnik)
  • Disallow stacking items with different meta (hunterdelyx1)


  • Add /emergeblocks command and core.emerge_area() Lua API (kwolekr)
  • Add get_biome_id(biome_name) callback (Duane Robertson)
  • Added minetest.wallmounted_to_dir (Fernando Carmona Varo)
  • Allow setting chunksize in core.set_mapgen_params (kwolekr)
  • ABMs: Make catch-up behaviour optional (paramat)
  • Decoration API: Add flag for placement on liquid surface (paramat)
  • Add more ways to pass data to check_player_privs (Robert Zenz)
  • Add option to disable backface culling for models (BlockMen)
  • Schematics: Add core.place_schematic_on_vmanip API (kwolekr)
  • Add LuaSecureRandom (est31)
  • Allow craft replacements to use groups (TeTpaAka)
  • Add Lua interface to HTTPFetchRequest (Jeija)
  • Implement AreaStore serialization (ShadowNinja)
  • Add AreaStore custom ID API (ShadowNinja)
  • Add an option to colorize to respect the destination alpha (Samuel Sieb)
  • Lua_api.txt: Add warnings of l-system lighting bug (paramat)
  • Add [resize texture modifier (SmallJoker)
  • Make the inventory bar HUD take offset into account (rubenwardy)


  • Dungeongen: Remove floating frames (paramat)
  • Blob ore: Fix partial blobs (paramat)
  • Mapgen: Add 4D fractal mapgen (paramat)
  • Mgfractal: Independent offset/slice params for mandelbrot and julia (paramat)
  • Mapgen: Add global 'decorations' flag (paramat)
  • Mgv5/v7/flat/fractal: More large pseudorandom caves (paramat)
  • Mgfractal: Add 3D and 4D fractals (paramat)
  • Mgvalleys: Add Dry Riverbeds (Duane Robertson)
  • Mapgen: Spread both night and day light banks in spreadLight (kwolekr)
  • Mgv7: Decrease cliff steepness (paramat)

Other / Misc

  • Clean up threading (ShadowNinja)
  • Improve locale directory detection (est31)
  • Add new ContentParamType2 "CPT2_DEGROTATE" (est31)
  • Refactor logging (ShadowNinja)
  • Improve rollback database indexing (cheapie)
  • Mgfractal: Add documentation to conf.example and settingtypes (paramat)
  • Add the player name to dropped items (Robert Zenz)
  • Implement OSX Travis builds (Pavel Puchkin)
  • Simplify custom games packaging (Pavel Puchkin)
  • New timer design (Auke Kok)
  • Add option to not send pre v25 init packet (est31)
  • Clean up Strfnd (ShadowNinja)
  • Add (Craig Davison)
  • Mainmenu: Standardize the menu button order and sizes (SmallJoker)
  • Android: Increase player_stepheight for thicker snow nodebox (Maksim Gamarnik)

Minetest Game changes

API changes

  • A modding API was added to TNT, which allows mods to easily create explosion effects (red-001)
  • A modding API was added to doors, which allows mods to create new doors that are feature-rich (sofar)
  • A fence, wall, and fence gate API was added (sofar)
  • A give_initial_items API was added (rubenwardy)

Interface changes

  • Creative inventory now allows searching for nodes by name and description (kilbith)

Visual/Effect/Audio changes

  • Several new textures were added by many different contributors (paramat, kilbith, sofar, kevdoy, Craig Davison, Wouters)
  • Water texture alpha and water post effect color were changed (paramat)
  • Steel door sounds were added (sofar)
  • Flowers will wave when the waving plant shader is enabled (paramat)
  • Doors are now made out of a single mesh and not two half nodes (sofar)

Mapgen/Landscape changes

  • Grass can grow on sandy beaches and dunes (paramat)
  • More flowers will grow in many biomes (paramat)
  • Almost all biomes are now richer and more varied (paramat)
  • Aspen trees were added to forests (sofar)
  • Fallen logs were added (mgv5, mgv7), and mushrooms can grow on them (sofar)
  • Dirt and sand blobs may appear in sandstone (paramat)

Gameplay changes

  • Book interface was entirely rewritten to allow for proper pages and wrapping (kilbith, tenplus1, mt-modder)
  • A metal sign was added, as well as a steel ladder (kilbith)
  • mushroom spores were removed (sofar)
  • a metal (locked) trapdoor was added (sofar)
  • books can be copied in the craft grid (sofar)
  • A new permanent flame node was added, as well as "flint and steel" (paramat, kilbith)
  • Moss can grow on cobblestone if it gets wet (paramat)
  • TNT was largely rewritten and has many new effects and behaviors (red-001, sofar)
  • Stone walls were added for all cobble stone types (sofar)
  • A simple Fence gate was added (sofar)
  • The boat is now slightly faster (paramat)

0.4.12 → 0.4.13

0.4.13 was released on August 20, 2015.


  • Add camera smoothing and cinematic mode (F8) (rubenwardy)
  • Radius parameter for /deleteblocks here (SmallJoker)
  • Save creative_mode and enable_damage setting for each world in (fz72)
  • Configurable automatic texture scaling and filtering at load time. (Aaron Suen)
  • Connect rails with connect_to_raillike and shorten the codes (SmallJoker)
  • Clouds: Make cloud area radius settable in .conf (paramat)
  • Added hour:minute format to time command (LeMagnesium)
  • Add mod security (ShadowNinja)
  • Add texture overriding (rubenwardy)
  • Improved parallax mapping. Generate heightmaps on the fly. (RealBadAngel)
  • Make attached objects visible in 3rd person view (est31)
  • Remove textures vertical offset. Fix for area enabling parallax. (RealBadAngel)
  • Add minimap feature (RealBadAngel, hmmmm, est31, paramat)
  • Add new leaves style - simple (glasslike drawtype) (RealBadAngel)
  • Add ability to specify coordinates for /spawnentity (Marcin)
  • Add antialiasing UI setting (Mark Schreiber)
  • Add wielded (and CAOs) shader (RealBadAngel)
  • Add map limit config option (rubenwardy)

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Add count based unload limit for mapblocks (est31)
  • Kick players when shutting down server or on Lua crash (nerzhul)
  • Fix relief mapping issues (RealBadAngel)
  • Improve group-based connection between raillike nodes (BlockMen)
  • Use skin font for usernames (fixes #2363) (BlockMen)
  • Fix some memory leaks on packet sending. (nerzhul)
  • Fix android build (nerzhul)
  • Fix serialization of floating point numbers (ShadowNinja)
  • Disallow object:remove() if the object is a player (Kahrl)
  • Fix wrapDegrees family of functions (Zeno)
  • Optimise MapBlockMesh related functions (gregorycu)
  • Fix minor memory leak (Android) (Zeno)
  • Fix occlusion (Miguel Almeida)
  • ClientInterface::getClientIDs doesn't need a std::list. Use a std::vector for better perfs (nerzhul)
  • Fix some rendering glitches (BlockMen)
  • Fix mapgen using unitialised height map values (Zeno)
  • Fix Android text bug (no text displaying) (Zeno)
  • Improve Clouds::render mathematics (nerzhul)
  • For usages of assert() that are meant to persist in Release builds (when NDEBUG is defined), replace those usages with persistent alternatives (Zeno)
  • Fix RUN_IN_PLACE broken due to invalid usage of assert (sapier)
  • Respect game mapgen flags and save world noise params (ngosang)
  • Don't use luaL_checkstring to read node names, it's only for arguments (ShadowNinja)
  • Heightmaps: Fix uninitialised values in mgv5/mgv6. findGroundLevel: Return -MAP_GENERATION_LIMIT if surface not found (paramat)
  • Make the dummy backend only look up blocks once (ShadowNinja)
  • Fix unitialized data when creating TOSERVER_INIT packet (nerzhul)
  • Fix memleak pointed by issue #2439. Also change bzero to memset. bzero doesn't work on windows (nerzhul)
  • Stop formspecs closing with double-click in empty area (Zeno)
  • Ensure that heightmap is initialized before use (Zeno)
  • lua_api/l_mapgen: Fix overlapping areas of minetest.generate_ores/decorations (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Fix uninitialised heightmap used by cavegen (paramat)
  • Disable double-click -> ESC translation for main menu (Zeno)
  • If player is dead, permit it to respawn, even if damages are not enabled (nerzhul)
  • Android: Fix auto-entry of server address and port in mainmenu (est31)
  • Fix various damage related bugs (client-side) (Zeno)
  • Minor bug fix (lag between damage flash and hearts updating) (Zeno)
  • Fix game minetest.conf default settings (est31)
  • Optimize minetest.get_(all)_craft_recipe(s) (gregorycu)
  • Fix composite textures with texture_min_size (Aaron Suen)
  • Protect Player::hud from concurrent modifications (nerzhul)
  • Fix minetest.get_craft_recipe function (est31)
  • Fix set_bits (kwolekr)
  • Fix usage of destroyed mutex (kwolekr)
  • Fix crash caused by null texture in GUI formspec/HUD. (Aaron Suen)
  • Fix players spawned at (0,0,0) in some rare cases instead of static_spawnpoint (nerzhul)
  • Crafting speedup (est31)
  • Fix uninitialized variabled in ConnectionEvent (nerzhul)
  • Fix a rare crash case un SendPlayerHP (nerzhul)
  • Schematics: Fix core.schematic_create() (kwolekr)
  • fix infinite spawners (obneq)
  • Disable connection timeout for singleplayer and server tabs (est31)
  • Fix mod store rating (ShadowNinja)
  • Fix sign-compare compiler warnings in mg_ore.cpp (ShadowNinja)
  • Fix player pitch and yaw not being set properly (Kevin Ott)
  • Fix fast leaves with texture_clean_transparent enabled. (Aaron Suen)
  • Fix minetest.clear_* creating new LOCAL table instead of clearing the existing one. (Tomas Brod)
  • Noise: Fix PcgRandom::randNormalDist() when range contains negative numbers (kwolekr)
  • Add a check for animation when getting an extruded mesh (Kevin Ott)
  • Stop NetworkPacket methods from producing bloated packets (Jay Arndt)
  • Replace Wieldmesh::setItem assertion that could be triggered by the server with an error (kwolekr)
  • Ensure that Map::findNodesWithMetadata() reports nodes strictly within the node-granular area (kwolekr)
  • Fix typo in WieldMesh::setItem() (kwolekr)
  • Don't crash if an item gets dropped into unloaded space (tenplus1)
  • ANDROID: Do not limit situations where fast is enabled (Zeno)
  • Fix current mod name change missed during rebase (ShadowNinja)
  • Noise: Fix interpolation at negative coordinates (kwolekr)
  • (Android) Only simulate holding down fast key if fast_move is toggled to true (Zeno)
  • dofile error reporting for syntax errors (est31)
  • Don't crash when saplings try to grow on unknown nodes (, ShadowNinja)
  • Remove unneccessary space for tab completion (Nathaniel Olsen)
  • Fix some issues with animations, and allow non-looped animations to be defined (MirceaKitsune)
  • Fix bug when craft input isn't replaced (TeTpaAka)
  • Fix string conversion error message (est31)
  • Fix bugs in mainmenu (kilbith, jp)
  • Fix single click world select (est31)
  • Shaders fixes and cleanup relief mapping code. (RealBadAngel)
  • Fix missing check for 0 in craft replacements (TeTpaAka)
  • Craftdef: Use numbers instead of iterators (est31)
  • Fix attempt to start a world when no world is selected/created (kilbith)
  • Fix endless loop since grandparent commit (est31)
  • Fix damage flash when damage disabled (kwolekr)
  • Add more robust error checking to deSerialize*String routines (kwolekr)
  • Fix minetest.get_(all)_craft_recipe(s) regression (est31)
  • Fix FSAA dropdown option reset after changing another dropdown option (kilbith)
  • Fix MSVC number conversion warning (SmallJoker)
  • Fix srp.cpp:815 leak (est31)
  • Fixed minimap memory leak (Břetislav Štec)
  • Android: Fix minor makefile bugs (est31)
  • src/network/connection.h: Fix race condition (Břetislav Štec)
  • src/environment.cpp: Fix NULL pointer dereference (Břetislav Štec)
  • Improve accuracy and safety of float serialization (kwolekr)
  • src/client.cpp: Fix mapper memory leak (Břetislav Štec)
  • src/wieldmesh.cpp: Fix mesh extrusion memory leak (Břetislav Štec)
  • Android: fix sound issue, and gitignore (est31)
  • src/client/tile.cpp: Fix reference counting (Břetislav Štec)
  • Fix "bouncy" blocks (Miner59)
  • src/util/numeric.{cpp,h}: Fix FacePositionCache data race (Břetislav Štec)
  • Fix tiling issues for PLANTLIKE and FIRELIKE with FSAA (RealBadAngel)
  • connection: Make assertions non-fatal for received data (kwolekr)
  • Fix critical vulnerabilities and bugs with NetworkPacket (kwolekr)
  • Fix BufferedPacket race condition (fixes #2983) (kwolekr)
  • Fix detection of sneaking node This fixes bug 1551 (gregorycu)
  • Fix camera updates being toggled by N key in release mode (#2762) (Kahrl)
  • Fix segfaults caused by the Environment not being initialized yet (rubenwardy)
  • Display Lua memory usage at the time of Out-of-Memory error (kwolekr)
  • Make NetworkPacket respect serialized string size limits (kwolekr)
  • Fix intlGUIEditBox leak and uninitialized value in Mapper (reported by valgrind) (Kahrl)
  • Fix Lua PcgRandom (est31)
  • Fix segfault caused by a8e238ed06ee8285ed4459e9deda3117419837f6 (Perttu Ahola)
  • Fix sneaking (fixes #665 and #3045) (BlockMen)
  • Rollback: Fail on bad precondition instead of causing assertion error (kwolekr)
  • Fix inventory replace bug (est31)
  • Fix indianred and indigo of color-string (Rui)
  • Optimizations (multiple)


  • Add mod.conf file support - allows mods to specify a mod name for now (kaeza)
  • Add find_nodes_in_area_under_air (nerzhul, Zeno)
  • Add core.register_schematic() and cache schematics on use (kwolekr)
  • Schematics: Reorganize (de)serialization and add Lua serialization API (kwolekr)
  • Add minetest.global_exists() (ShadowNinja)
  • Fix pathfinder to produce more useful paths (obneq)
  • Add core.find_nodes_with_meta() script API (kwolekr)
  • Schematics: Add per-node force placement option (kwolekr)
  • is_player() is no player-only function (est31)
  • Add code to support raillike group names (Novatux)
  • Add get and set functions for the nametag color (TeTpaAka)
  • Add minetest.register_on_punchplayer (Brandon)
  • Schematics: Fix probability values for .mts version 1 (kwolekr)
  • Add core.mkdir (ShadowNinja)
  • Add core.request_insecure_environment() (ShadowNinja)
  • Add core.get_dir_list (ShadowNinja)
  • SAPI: Accept either ARGB8 table or ColorString to specify colors (kwolekr)
  • Add some missing getter functions to the lua API (TeTpaAka)
  • Decrease minetest.after globalstep lag (HybridDog)
  • Add return list of individual counts to find_node_in_area (TeTpaAka)
  • Add minetest.register_on_player_hpchange (TeTpaAka)
  • Add list-rings (est31)
  • Add Lua errors to error dialog (rubenwardy)
  • Biome API decorations: 'spawnby' searches a 3D neighbourhood (paramat)
  • Make acc and vel deprecated in add_particle and search for acceleration and velocity instead (TeTpaAka)
  • Added get_player_velocity() method. Fixes #1176 (Elia Argentieri)
  • Allow random menu images for games (sfan5)
  • Document game main menu image system (est31)
  • Add AreaStore data structure (est31)
  • Actually document what minetest.is_protected should do (est31)
  • SAPI: Track last executed mod and include in error messages (kwolekr)


  • Mgv5: Remove blobgen. Remove crumble and wetness noises (paramat)
  • Biome API: Re-calculate biome at every surface in a mapchunk column (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Add heightmap. Do not make large caves that are entirely above ground (paramat)
  • Cavegen, mgv5: Cleanup code (paramat)
  • Fix memory leak in MapgenV6 (Zeno)
  • Biome API: Enable decorations
  • Mgv5/mgv7: Add desert temples if desert stone detected in mapchunk (paramat)
  • mg_decoration: Raise highest allowed deco top to max edge of voxelmanip (paramat)placed on water (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Remove addDirtGravelBlobs, replaced by blob ore in Minetest Game (paramat)
  • Mgv5/mgv7: Sprinkle dust from full_node_max.Y if chunk above is generated (paramat)
  • Mgv7: 1 up , 1 down overgeneration for chunk border continuity (paramat)
  • lua_api/l_mapgen: generate_ores/decorations: make p1, p2 optional (paramat)
  • ObjDefManager, Mapgen SAPI: Huge refactoring (kwolekr)
  • Treegen: Add pine tree. Force place trunks (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Add optional snow biomes (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Fix taiga, allow pine tree spawning on snowblocks (paramat)
  • Mgv5/v7: Add check for water for deciding biome node stability (paramat)
  • Mgv5: Fix above/below ground spawn when water level is altered (paramat)
  • Biome API: Add biome-specific river water (paramat)
  • Noise: Correct noise objects created with invalid dimensions (kwolekr)
  • Ore: Add biomes parameter (kwolekr)
  • Noise: Add noise unittests (kwolekr)
  • Mapgen v5/6/7: Cleanup node resolver and aliases (paramat)
  • Noise: Make buffer size parameters unsigned (kwolekr)
  • Mapgen v5/v7: Detect sandstone, enable sandstone brick dungeons (paramat)
  • SAPI/Noise: Add PerlinNoiseMap:getMapSlice() function (kwolekr)
  • Mgv5/v7: Fix generateBiomes biome recalculation logic Biomegen down to y = -192 for mgv5 deep oceans. Improve code (paramat)
  • Biome API, mgv7: Increase heat/humidity spreads. Improve mgv7 noise parameters (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Enable snowbiomes by default. Double biome noise spread. 3 octaves, 0.5 persistence for humidity (paramat)
  • Mgv5/mgv7: Trigger biome recalculation at underwater surfaces (paramat)
  • Minimal: Edit mapgen aliases. Use blob ore for clay, update other ores. Update simple biomes. Cleanup code (paramat)
  • Minimal: Add snow biome and jungleleaves nodes. Add mapgen aliases (paramat)
  • Biome API: Enable biome generation to lower world limit (paramat)
  • Mgv6: Don't create air gap in tundra at y = 48 in custom high terrain (paramat)
  • Biome API: Add noise defined biome blend (paramat)
  • Mapgen objects: Enable heatmap and humidmap for all biome api mapgens (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Edit noise parameters. Fewer octaves, larger spreads. (paramat)
  • Mgv5/mgv7 caves: Remove sand found in underground tunnels (paramat)
  • Biome API: Increase heat and humidity noise spreads to 1000 (paramat)
  • Cavegen: Cleanup code. Define constant for MGV7_LAVA_DEPTH (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Lower base of mountain generation to -112 and define constant (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Auto-set lowest mountain generation level (paramat)
  • Cavegen: Mgv6: No small caves entirely above ground (paramat)
  • Mgv7: Use density noise + density gradient for mountain terrain (paramat)
  • Treegen: Rename pine tree mapgen alias (paramat)
  • Biome API: Make fallback biome stone and water, disable filler (paramat)
  • Cavegen V6: Make all caves consistent with 0.4.12 stable (paramat)

Other / Misc

  • Start adding utf-8 support (est31, Ilya Zhuravlev)
  • Unit tests must be done at integration process. (nerzhul)
  • Improve FindIrrlicht.cmake module (Markus Koschany)
  • Rename --do-unittests to --run-unittests as @Zeno- and @sfan5 requested (nerzhul)
  • Clean up database API and save the local map on an interval (ShadowNinja)
  • Don't start a server for map migration (ShadowNinja)
  • Dungeongen: Optionally set ignore to be untouchable to disable floating dungeons (paramat)
  • Finer progress bar updates when initializing nodes (est31)
  • Minor cleanup: game.cpp (Zeno)
  • Add support for the PCG32 PRNG algo (and associated script APIs) (kwolekr)
  • Change filename of screenshots to something more human readable (Zeno)
  • Clean scaling pre-filter for formspec/HUD. (Aaron Suen)
  • Remove errorstream logging on password change (est31)
  • Add reason to kicked log message and use present tense (est31)
  • RotateAlongYAxis: For facedir case, return if param2 >= 4 (paramat)
  • Change lower limit of display_gamma to 1.0 (linear light) (Zeno)
  • More reliable serverlist behaviour (HybridDog)
  • Close keybind settings menu with esc (est31)
  • Disable mesh cache by default (est31)
  • Set server_announce to and respect modes when changing game (Sokomine)
  • Use minetest logging facilities for irrlicht log output (ShadowNinja)
  • Display an access denied message when client detects a server timeout (Kahrl)
  • Change texture pack description file name (ExcaliburZero)
  • Refactor particle code to remove the while loops (TeTpaAka)
  • MoveItemSomewhere double bugfix (est31)
  • Remove profiler.h include where it's not needed. Remove some unreachable and very old code (nerzhul)
  • Ask auth handler to create auth when a default password is set (est31)
  • Optional reconnect functionality (est31)
  • Fix documentation of dedicated_server_loop (est31)
  • Remove drivers dropdown in the settings tab (kilbith)
  • Cleanup server addparticle(spawner) by merge two identical functions. (nerzhul)
  • Precalculate mapblock relative size. This permit to remove many s16 calculs on runtime (nerzhul)
  • Android: Add githash header to spare rebuilds after new commits (est31)
  • Prepend "Lua: " before lua exceptions src/server.cpp src/emerge.cpp (Břetislav Štec)
  • Improve Script CPP API diagnostics (kwolekr)
  • Initialize random for verification key generation too (est31)
  • game.cpp: Update cached settings (est31)
  • SAPI: Disable unlockable time profiling (kwolekr)
  • Client: disable mmdb modstore (est31)

0.4.11 → 0.4.12

0.4.12 was released on February 18, 2015.

New features

  • Add player direction to debug text (yamanq)
  • Reorganized client and server tabs (kilbith)
  • Implemented DPI automatic detection on X11 (sapier)

Map generation


  • Caves check for biome nodes, only excavate stone under water level (paramat)
  • Unease caves noises, use 0.3.x parameters (paramat)
  • Blobgen after cavegen (paramat)
  • Biomegen: remove “is replaceable content” bool (paramat)


  • Increased step height on Android (sapier)
  • Increased default font_size (BlockMen)
  • Improved minetest.desktop, added German and French text to minetest.desktop (nerzhul)
  • More consistent progress bar (sapier)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed font_size under Windows (BlockMen)
  • Ignored old entities from 0.3 (Novatux)
  • Fixed FTBFS on GNU/Hurd platform (apoleon)
  • Modified Y positioning of health/breath statbars to prevent overlapping with hotbar (kwolekr)
  • Fixed memory leaks related to gettext (ShadowNinja)
  • Give full breath after death (SmallJoker)
  • Fix NDT_GLASSLIKE normals (kahrl)
  • Water flowing fixes (gregorycu)
  • Compiler tweaks and warning fixes (ShadowNinja, kwolekr)
  • Fix imprecise serialization of large numbers (ShadowNinja)
  • Fix performance regression (Zeno-)
  • Fix getCraftRecipe returning wrong recipes (sapier)
  • Fix unused (and so, broken) enable_rollback_recording. (nerzhul)
  • Fix .zip extraction (mod store) (ngosang)
  • Fix translation memory leak (ShadowNinja)
  • Fix F7 crash (nerzhul)
  • Fixes to default screenshots in mainmenu (Rui914)
  • Fix map_seed not changed when creating a new world after login to another (fz72)
  • Add modname convention checking, fixes issues with mod enabling (est31, Novatux)
  • Fix problems related to still receiving damage after dying (SmallJoker, gregorycu)

Modding-related changes

  • Add vein and blob ore type (kwolekr)
  • Change assignment to global in a function to warning (rubenwardy)

Vanilla game changes (minetest_game)


  • Mossy cobblestone can now be smelted to stone (MT-Modder)
  • Added straw, crafted with 9 wheat (kilbith)
  • Added obsidian and obsidian brick stairs and slabs (CraigyDavi)


  • Many new textures renewed (kilbith)
  • Changed furnace fire icons (Kalabasa)
  • Added fancy inventory for bones (CraigyDavi)

Master server (server list)

  • Announce MIN/MAX protocol version to server list (est31)
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