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The map generator will generate a world according to the mapgen flags that are set for it.
The general flags are shown below, and each generator may have its own special flags. Currently supported map generators are: v5, v6, v7, valleys, carpathian, fractal, flat, singlenode. The map generator is selected in minetest.conf by setting mg_name.
In Mapgen v6 the 'decorations' flag controls all decorations except trees and junglegrass, in all other mapgens this flag controls all decorations. Flags that are not enabled are not modified from the default. Flags starting with 'no' are used to explicitly disable them.

This is a list of currently supported general flags:

  • caves: generate caves
  • dungeons: generate dungeons
  • light: generate lighting
  • decorations: generate decorations
  • biomes: generate biomes

They are set in minetest.conf before creating a new world.

An example configuration (the default):

  • mg_flags = caves,dungeons,light,decorations,biomes

For a totally flat world without any holes:

  • mg_flags = nocaves,nodungeons,light,nodecorations,biomes and use the flat mapgen
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