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NakedFury and I are brainstorming about a tech tree mod.

General idea

Make crafting more interesting and varied.



Use blueprints (copiable with paper), some kind of research bench (with the capacity to use up resources over time and produce a result once enough have been consumed), and large amounts of resources to progress the technology in the game. You need a blueprint to craft more high-tech things. Maybe use a special craft bench to allow this kind of crafting? (what about factories?)

The crafting method will probably be like so:

  1. Craft a workbench of some sort
  2. Put materials into the workbench and wait
  3. The workbench will spit out a blueprint of some kind
  4. You can use the blueprint and some production-assistant node (like a craft table or something) to craft things of a high-level nature (and other materials of course will be necessary)
  5. Use paper to copy the blueprint and share it
  6. Use blueprints for higher-level workbenches to find higher-level blueprints, etc. etc.


  • Maybe in some servers add a general store where you have to buy the blueprints --PilzAdam (talk) 04:37, 29 December 2012 (MSK)
  • Binding or grouping blueprints into books and using bookshelf block for storing books.NakedFury
  • Blueprints can be written on paper, stone, and wood. They could be done automatically or need tools like chisel for stone and wood and for paper a piece of coal or pencil(crafted from coal and wood).NakedFury
  • Crafting would need different stations specific to certain materials or item types, and would need special "crafting tools"(think a chisel or hammer) that would be place in a slot in the station next to its own crafting grid.
  • Stations:

- Wood carvings - stone carvings - leather station - anvil and furnace and cooling area - metal stations - research or study stations

  • Stations would come in different sizes that you build depending on site of projects, complexity, and how far you have researched that particular crafting station. NakedFury
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