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The profiler graphs show the performance of Minetest in a more detailed fashion. This information is useful for engine developers. The profiler graphs are shown when you hit the debug key (F5 by default) twice.

Profiler graph.png

The following graphs are available:

  • rudp_rtt: ???
  • rudp_jitter: ???
  • packets_lost: ???
  • num_processed_meshes: The engine generates geometric meshes from MapBlock data for drawing. This is the number of those meshes that finished generating in each frame.
  • mainloop_sleep: If the game runs at a faster rate than wanted_fps, a sleep is inserted into each frame after drawing in order to not consume excess resources; this is that sleep time in seconds.
  • mainloop_other: Time (in seconds) spent in each frame for everything else than drawing.
  • mainloop_dtime: Total time (in seconds) spent per frame (mainloop_other + mainloop_draw + mainloop_sleep); FPS = 1 divided by this, averaged.
  • mainloop_draw: Time (in seconds) spent in each frame for drawing (rendering).
  • client_received_packets: Number of received high-level protocol packets in each frame.
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