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This page describes the values of Minetest Game. These may be changed when the majority of MTG developers agree.

Core Gameplay Values

  • Exploration - interesting mapgen/biomes
  • Creativity - enough nodes without contradicting semi-minimalism
  • Immersion - adding feedback such as sounds, mobs, and interactivity to make the world feel alive

Criteria for inclusion

As of May 2022, only bugfixes and basic maintenance stuff are accepted. See the #Development section.

Old criteria (before maintenance mode)

  • Balance - Ensure balanced gameplay while still adding new and useful items/nodes/etc
  • Semi-minimalism - No additions that are decided to be too much (e.g. adding homedecor in its entirety)
  • Stability - Focus on stability and completeness (no half-finished stuff)
  • Extendability - Improve/add API to allow mods to extend the base features (e.g. API for new crops for farming)

Basic Concepts

  • Medieval - Minetest Game is generally agreed to be late-medieval
  • Alien - Mese is an alien crystal / meteorite

Graphic Style

  • All nodes should fit the voxel grid or a sub division. Note this is a general rule, there are cases when it's OK such as chests
  • Entities should be voxel-ish
  • Textures should be 16x16


As of May 2022, Minetest Game is in "maintenance mode" since July 2020. This means no new features are accepted, only bugfixes and basic maintenance. Translations count as maintenance and are thus accepted. Source: [1]

See also Git and Git Guidelines.

Note: To prevent problems with the development like before Minetest Game is maintained by only eight people (sfan5, nore, ShadowNinja, paramat, sofar, rubenwardy, Krock/SmallJoker, Shara/Ezhh).