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A question you may ask yourself is: "Do I have anything to bring to the table?" or maybe, "Am I experienced enough to consider submitting my mods or ideas?". Whether you are a beginner or experienced programmer their are ways that you can get started. Maybe you don't want to program but submit an idea? Their are many ways of contributing to Minetest.
Before you contribute it is ideal that you have played the game for a reasonable time period so that you understand how it all works. Another advisable step would be to join the minetest forum and introduced yourself. This will make it a lot easier later if you get stuck as you can just ask people on the forum without the fuss of having to introduce yourself then. The last thing I must advice is that you have a play around with the source or make your own mini mods. To get started with basic mods then visit the Introduction page here: [http://dev.minetest.net/Intro Intro Page]
==Mod contribution==
==Mod contribution==

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