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This page describes the values of Minetest Game. These may be changed when the majority of MTG devs agree.

Core Gameplay Values

  • Exploration - interesting mapgen/biomes
  • Creativity - enough nodes without contradicting semi-minimalism
  • Immersion - adding feedback such as sounds, mobs, and interactivity to make the world feel alive

Criteria for inclusion

  • Balance - Ensure balanced gameplay while still adding new and useful items/nodes/etc
  • Semi-minimalism - No additions that are decided to be too much (e.g. adding homedecor in its entirety)
  • Stability - Focus on stability and completeness (no half-finished stuff)
  • Extendability - Improve/add API to allow mods to extend the base features (e.g. API for new crops for farming)

Basic Concepts

  • Medieval - Minetest Game is generally agreed to be late-medieval
  • Alien - Mese is an alien crystal / meteorite

Graphic Style

  • All nodes should fit the voxel grid or a sub division. Note this is a general rule, there are cases when it's OK such as chests
  • Entities should be voxel-ish
  • Textures should be 16x16


See Git and Git Guidelines

Note: To prevent problems with the development like before Minetest Game is maintained by only eight people (sfan5, nore, ShadowNinja, paramat, sofar, rubenwardy, Krock/SmallJoker, Shara/Ezhh).