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The Minetest Developer Wiki is being plagued by a large number of outdated pages, most of which are pending deletion. This page lists information about what needs to be done.

The problem

A huge amount of pages about the Lua API are outdated. Most of the content has bee just copied from the official documentation at one day, and unsurprisingly never updated since then (because it was a shitty idea to begin with, who's going to manually update the whole wiki just to duplicate lua_api.txt?). This is VERY bad, as it gives reader the illusion of official info, when in fact, the fake documentation of the functions on this wiki are NOT official.

For example, the pages about Lua AP functions/methos are the worst. There is a huge amount of pages about functions. Note that ALL of them are considered to be unofficial. So besically, this wiki is a bit in a mess right now.


Ideally, all the offending pages are deleted. And never, mass-copy stuff from lua_api.txt again.

Regarding Lua API documentation, this wiki should merely link to the official documentation, i.e. lua_api.txt.

Currently, all offending pages (unless we've overlooked some) have been marked with the UnofficialLua template. This warns readers that such pages should not be taken seriously. See Category:UnofficialLua for a list.

Prominent offending pages about the Lua API

Cleanup TODO list

  • [DONE!] Add the “UnofficialLua” template to pages that include content that is mostly ripped from lua_api.txt. This also automatically marks them as "Proposed for deletion"
  • Figure out how to mass-delete pages
  • Delete all of the offending pages
  • [DONE!] Make sure we have highly-visible links to the TRUE documentation
  • Remove 4 category links (Methods, Objects, Types, Misc) from the Sidebar. Needs sysop privileges ... :(

Current progress

  • All or almost all (in case we overlooked some) offending pages have been proposed for deletion with Template:delete.
  • All or almost all offending pages have the Template:UnofficialLua added
  • This means the reader will be met with a promiment warning on each of the offending pages
  • No page was deleted yet
  • Sidebar is yet to be fixed
  • Highly visible links to the true documentation exist

How pages should be deleted

ALL normal pages (that is, those in the "Page" (i.e. default) namespace) within the UnofficialLua category can be deleted safely, as those have been manually reviewed to be offending pages. See Category:UnofficialLua for a list. Don't delete the UnofficialLua template itself (which is in the "Template" namespace) but even if you accidentally delete that one, it can be easily recreated, if needed.

After that has been done, we should already have gotten rid of most bad pages. Now, only a few bad pages might still remain, some of them relating to the Lua API, some for other reasons. Review the remaining pages in Category:Proposed for deletion and decide on a case-by-case basis.