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Mbox warning.png This page contains unofficial, low-quality Lua API documentation and is likely to be outdated or wrong. Do not rely on it!
For the official and up-to-date documentation, see Lua API Documentation.
Mbox warning.png This page has been proposed for deletion for the following reason: "Contains unofficial and potentially outdated, redundant and inconsistent Lua API information"
If you don't think that this page should be deleted, please explain why on the talk page.

Important Note: Since 0.4.7, minetest.env is deprecated. This feature won't be dropped soon to not break compatibility with older mods, but will be removed in a future version.

All functions listed here are (from 0.4.7 onwards) accessible via the global minetest table. For example, minetest.env:set_node(pos, node) becomes minetest.set_node(pos, node).

Basically ServerEnvironment and ServerMap combined. Can be gotten via minetest.env.


name description
<source enclose="none">add_entity(pos, "name")</source> spawns Lua-defined entity at position. Returns ObjectRef on success or <source enclose="none">nil</source> if failed
<source enclose="none">add_item(pos, name)</source> spawns item. name is ItemStack or itemstring or table. Returns ObjectRef on success or <source enclose="none">nil</source> if failed
<source enclose="none">add_node(pos, node)</source> set node at position, same as <source enclose="none">set_node(pos, node)</source>. node is node, not string representing its name!
<source enclose="none">clear_objects()</source> clear all objects in the environment
<source enclose="none">dig_node(pos)</source> dig node with the same effects that a player would cause
<source enclose="none">find_nodes_in_area(minp, maxp, nodenames)</source> minp and maxp are positions, nodenames is either a table (e.g. <source enclose="none">{"ignore", "group:tree"}</source>) or a string (<source enclose="none">"default:dirt"</source>). Returns list of positions.
<source enclose="none">find_node_near(pos, radius, nodenames)</source> same syntax, radius is integer value, returns position or <source enclose="none">nil</source>
<source enclose="none">get_meta(pos)</source> get a NodeMetaRef at that position
<source enclose="none">get_node(pos)</source> returns node, <source enclose="none">{name="ignore", …}</source> for unloaded area
<source enclose="none">get_node_light(pos, timeofday)</source> timeofday; returns node light at specific time
<source enclose="none">get_node_timer(pos)</source> returns NodeTimerRef
<source enclose="none">get_objects_inside_radius(pos, radius)</source> Returns list of ObjectRefs for objects found within radius distance of position pos, including Players and LuaEntitySAOs.
<source enclose="none">get_perlin(seeddiff, octaves, persistence, scale)</source> Constructs a PerlinNoise object with seed derived from the world's seed value.
<source enclose="none">get_player_by_name(name)</source> Get the ObjectRef for the named player
<source enclose="none">place_node(pos, node)</source> place node with the same effects that a player would cause
<source enclose="none">punch_node(pos)</source> punch node with the same effects that a player would cause
<source enclose="none">remove_node(pos)</source> equivalent to <source enclose="none">set_node(pos, "air")</source>
<source enclose="none">set_node(pos, name)</source> same as <source enclose="none">add_node(pos, node)</source>
<source enclose="none">set_timeofday(val)</source> sets time of day
<source enclose="none">get_timeofday()</source> returns time of day.