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The Biome API is still in an experimental phase and subject to change.


Biomes are areas of similar features such as schematics or ground content. They define what nodes will be used for certain features, and also the heat & humidity of an area, among other things.


New biomes can be created with minetest.register_biome


        name = "some_biome",                             -- the name of the biome. Can be appended with "beach" , "ocean" or "under"
        node_dust = "modname:dust",                      -- the node to be set on top of the biome once other decorations are placed
        node_top = "modname:dirt_with_grass",            -- the node to be used for the surface of the biome
        depth_top = 1,                                   -- how many layers of node_top are to be placed
        node_filler = "modname:dirt",                    -- the node to be used below node_top and above node_stone
        depth_filler = 3,                                -- how many layers of node_filler are to be placed
        node_stone = "modname:stone",                    -- the node to be used instead of mapgen_stone (does not extend very deep)
        node_water_top = "modname:ice",                  -- the node to replace the top layers of node_water
        depth_water_top = 10,                            -- how many layers of water to replace with node_water_top
        node_water = "modname:water_source",             -- the node to be used when generating oceans and lakes
        node_river_water = "modname:river_water_source", -- the node to be used for rivers (only in valleys mapgen)
        node_riverbed = "modname:gravel",                -- the node to be used for the beds of rivers (only in valleys mapgen)
        depth_riverbed = 2,                              -- how many layers of node_riverbed to generate (only in valleys mapgen)
        y_min = 1,                                       -- the lower limit of the biome (features will not generate below this level)
        y_max = 31000,                                   -- the upper limit of the biome (features will not generate above this level)
        heat_point = 0,                                  -- how the biome is
        humidity_point = 50,                             -- how humid the biome is
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