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So far there is just this IRC log

est31: Firefox has a "chrome-parity" label for bugs, to show that the bug/feature request is fulfilled by chrome
est31: what do you think about a "minecraft-parity" label?
est31: meh, not such a good idea
est31: bad because becoming minecraft is not our goal
TBC_x: well... imo minecraft can at least show what parts of minetest need improvement
TBC_x: in terms of gameplay
TBC_x: but I would totally love spatial location in mt
TBC_x: that would break 31000 world size limit
est31: wuts that
TBC_x: spatial location is a relative position to the objects inside a scene
TBC_x: IE objects don't know about their global position
TBC_x: but rather relative to their cell they're bound to
TBC_x: would allow to run each part of the world in its own thread
est31: wtf
est31: thats totally unrelated
est31: yes, it should be done
TBC_x: and also multiworld support
TBC_x: if anyone desires
TBC_x: when an infinite world is not enough infinite
est31: we'll never get it infinite
TBC_x: I don't care, the player must have such feel
est31: because of the same argument as computers aren't truly turing complete
TBC_x: alright, the world must feel really infinite
TBC_x: this would probably break some wireless mods however
est31: it would totally break modding
est31: and anything you want to do on the border
est31: want to grow a tree?
est31: want to run cables across?
est31: just want to let a mob walk over?
TBC_x: the spatial location should not be partitioned against world space
est31: ?
TBC_x: but rather have a thread claim a block as its origin and simulate everything relative to its position
est31: still you need some sort of handover
TBC_x: mapblock conflicts could be solved by yielding that thread's woldspace into another
est31: imagine a player walking
est31: in one direction for a long time
est31: overlapping, that should work
est31: interesting idea, indeed
TBC_x: yeah
TBC_x: if we could deploy server-side multiprocess proxies, we could solve protocol incompatibility and in addition have any cool things spatial localion can bring
TBC_x: such as seamless server transition
est31: I've thought about multiprocess myself already too, like this overlapping feature, but spatial indexing is a cool feature
est31: multiprocess and multiserver
TBC_x: yes
TBC_x: needs dynamic mod loading
est31: ?
TBC_x: if the servers will have different mods
est31: meh, no
est31: it wont just work
est31: we declare some blocks to be HANDLED_BY_OTHER_SERVER
est31: then the mod just cant modify it
est31: players can walk over,
est31: and saos can be handled over too
TBC_x: I made a draft of servers communicating to a process called mod manager that would map node and item IDs to have least conflicts, then sending needed files to clients
TBC_x: if dynamic mod loading wouldn't work
TBC_x: you get sum of all mods on connected servers
TBC_x: at least the media and stuff
est31: media and stuff should be loaded dynamically, by the client
TBC_x: needs server-side initialized caching too
est31: ?
TBC_x: well... at least priorities
TBC_x: so the near nodes from mods have higher priority
est31: ??
TBC_x: nvm
TBC_x: would be good to put a link somewhere to this discussion

TBC_x: because it is imho the way to go
est31: make a wiki page
TBC_x: forum account enough?
est31: no its separate account systems
est31: you need to ask an admin for an account
est31: dunno if some of them is here
TBC_x: I have even put those Ideas on a paper
TBC_x: except mention of the spatial location part
TBC_x: well... with proxies, we could even plug in a MT 3.x client
TBC_x: ridicilous
est31: proxies make even mt <-> mc communication possible
TBC_x: yes
TBC_x: just wanted to mention that
TBC_x: if we achieve that point, we may even get minetest on wikipedia :)
est31: no
est31: wikipedia only thinks in sources
est31: and controversy
TBC_x: exactly
est31: but for actual notability to exist, they need actual entries, best in new york times class articles
est31: and not just a mention, a whole article
est31: s/class articles/class newspapers/
TBC_x: have you seen c55's buildat?
est31: yes
est31: but I had no closer look at it
TBC_x: well... I really like mods in native code
TBC_x: that enables to use any language the developers please

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