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  • What 3d engine are we using? What version?
    We are using the Irrlicht Engine.
  • How are we using voxels in Minetest?
  • Do you render polygons or voxels?
  • What rendering techniques should a new developper read about? Maybe from GPU gems / Wikipedia or similar materials?
  • How many voxels do we have in a block? What is the resolution of the voxels in a block?
    A "block" is made up out of 16x16x16 nodes/voxels.
  • How do we manage frustum, culling, drawing back faces, deciding what to draw, etc?
  • Is there a classes diagram somewhere so I could understand the role, responsibilities and interactions for each classes and between them? Do you have use cases?
  • How do we manage dependencies between mods?

Project Goals

  • I understand that keeping Minetest usable by older computers is a project goal. What are the other goals?
  • Is there a semi-official fork with more advanced features or the forks are individual efforts?
  • As it is the game is very similar to Minecraft. Is this project a clone of Minecraft? If not, how do you intend to make Minetest unique?

How to Contribute

  • What are the most important issues with the code right now?
  • Why is it important to fix these issues?
  • Is there some particularities with the code that a newcomer need to understand before contributing?
  • Is there some parts of the code that need to be recoded or re-factorized?
  • What parts of the code could be optimized?
  • What is the difference between the Minetest package and the Minetest Game package?

Existing discussions

  • Can you provide a list of existing discussions about those features so a newcomer could see what has been discussed before:
    • Shaders
    • Physics
      This thread talks about implementing a physics engine and the usual policy about contributing new features.
    • Typical 3d models
    • Can you explain the license more so I can judge whether library X/texture Y/model Z would be usable in Minetest? (ex: why can't irrklang be used instead of those 3 sound libraries)
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