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Name Description Needs light param Used “tiles” Examples
normal A “normal”, opaque node No 8 "default:stone"
airlike Invisible No 0 "air"
allfaces Transparent node with all its faces shown Yes
allfaces_optional Transparent node with all its faces shown if using new_style_leaves = 1 Yes "default:leaves"
glasslike Glass-like node (faces between blocks are not shown, node is transparent) No 8 "default:glass"
glasslike_framed Connected glass No
glasslike_framed_optional Optional connected glass, can be disabled by client No
liquid A liquid No "default:water_source"
flowingliquid A flowing liquid No
torchlike Textured plane Yes 1 "default:torch"
signlike Textured plane Yes 1 "default:sign_wall"
plantlike Two textured planes Yes 1 "default:junglegrass"
raillike Textured plane, automatically connects to nearby raillike nodes of the same type, has "normal", "curved", "crossing", "t-junction" looks and can be inclined, does not connect to other nodes with raillike drawtype Yes 4 "default:rail"
fencelike Fence, connects to other nodes with fencelike drawtype No 1 "default:fence_wood"
firelike Looks like Minecraft's fire Yes 1 "fire:basic_flame"
nodebox Lets the modder somehow create their own drawtypes Yes 8 "stairs:stair_wood", "stairs:slab_wood"
mesh If drawtype “mesh” is used, tiles should hold model materials' textures. Only static meshes are implemented (.x, .b3d, .obj, .md2, …). For all supported model formats, see Irrlicht engine documentation. Yes

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