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Mbox warning.png This page contains unofficial Lua API documentation and is likely to be outdated or wrong.
For the official and up-to-date documentation, refer to lua_api.txt found in your Minetest installation directory under doc.
Name Description Needs light param Used “tiles” Examples
normal A “normal”, opaque node No 8 "default:stone"
airlike Invisible No 0 "air"
allfaces Transparent node with all its faces shown Yes
allfaces_optional Transparent node with all its faces shown if using new_style_leaves = 1 Yes "default:leaves"
glasslike Glass-like node (faces between blocks are not shown, node is transparent) No 8 "default:glass"
glasslike_framed Connected glass No
glasslike_framed_optional Optional connected glass, can be disabled by client No
liquid A liquid No "default:water_source"
flowingliquid A flowing liquid Suggested
torchlike Textured plane Yes 1 "default:torch"
signlike Textured plane Yes 1 "default:sign_wall"
plantlike Two textured planes Yes 1 "default:junglegrass"
plantlike_rooted Two textured planes extruded out of a solid node. Yes 1
raillike Textured plane, automatically connects to nearby raillike nodes of the same type, has "normal", "curved", "crossing", "t-junction" looks and can be inclined, does not connect to other nodes with raillike drawtype Yes 4 "default:rail"
fencelike Fence, connects to other nodes with fencelike drawtype No 1 "default:fence_wood"
firelike Looks like Minecraft's fire Yes 1 "fire:basic_flame"
nodebox Lets the modder somehow create their own drawtypes Yes 8 "stairs:stair_wood", "stairs:slab_wood"
mesh If drawtype “mesh” is used, tiles should hold model materials' textures. Only static meshes are implemented. The server only accepts the following file formats for media[1]: (.x, .b3d, .obj, .md2). For all model formats supported by Irrlicht itself, see Irrlicht engine documentation[2]. Yes

Notes and references

  1. As is hardcoded in the source file server.ccp near line 2360 as of June 2019
  2. Irrlicht Features - Supported Media Formats and a more detailed description of how to import the supported 3D-formats into Irrlicht here
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