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For the official and up-to-date documentation, refer to lua_api.txt found in your Minetest installation directory under doc.
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A high resolution persistent per-node timer. Can be gotten via <source enclose="none">minetest.get_node_timer(pos)</source>


  • <source enclose="none">set(timeout, elapsed)</source> — set a timer's state. timeout, elapsed are in seconds, and supports fractional values (0.1 etc). Will trigger the node's on_timer function after timeout - elapsed seconds.
  • <source enclose="none">start(timeout)</source> — start a timer, equivalent to <source enclose="none">set(timeout, 0)</source>
  • <source enclose="none">stop()</source> — stops the timer
  • <source enclose="none">get_timeout()</source> — current timeout in seconds, if timeout is 0, timer is inactive
  • <source enclose="none">get_elapsed()</source> — current elapsed time in seconds
  • <source enclose="none">is_started()</source> — boolean state of timer, returns <source enclose="none">true</source> if timer is started, otherwise <source enclose="none">false</source>