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Reference to an inventory.


Method Description
is_empty("listname") return true if list is empty
get_size("listname") get size of a list
set_size("listname", size) set size of a list, avoid e.g. , 7*3), use , 21) --7*3 instead to avoid confusion with formspec#list
get_width("listname") get width of a list
set_width("listname", width) set width of list; currently used for crafting
get_stack("listname", i) get a copy of stack index i in list
set_stack("listname", i, stack) copy stack to index i in list
get_list("listname") return full list
set_list("listname", list) set full list (size will not change)
get_lists() return full lists. Ex: {main={ItemStack,ItemStack...}, craft={..},hand={..}...}
set_lists(lists) set full lists. Ex: {main={ItemStack,ItemStack...}, craft={..},hand={..}...}
add_item("listname", stack) add item somewhere in list, returns leftover ItemStack
room_for_item("listname", stack) returns true if the stack of items can be fully added to the list
contains_item("listname", stack) returns true if the stack of items can be fully taken from the list
remove_item("listname", stack) take as many items as specified from the list, returns the items that were actually removed (as an ItemStack)


  • A common mistake is to get an ItemStack from an inventory, change it, and expect the changes to carry through to the inventory. ItemStacks returned by and passed to inventory methods are not live objects, but are passed "by copy". In other words, if you get an ItemStack result and change it, the inventory will not be modified. You have to call one of the inventory manipulator methods (e.g. inv:set_stack(listName, changedStack)) for your changes to be reflected back in the inventory. This is also true of object:get_wielded_item() and object:set_wielded_item(...), which just get and set the inventory stack the player has selected on the hotbar.
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