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Prior to installing any mod, please make sure that you have received it from a trustable source. Malicious code could do bad things like deleting files on your computer.

After downloading a mod (e.g. from the Mod Releases forum), you usually have a .zip archive. In order to get the mod running, you have to unpack it in one of the folders where Minetest looks for mods. This depends on what Minetest version you have installed.

Make sure that you rename the folder to the mod name (e.g. rename PilzAdam-carts-70cc4f4 to carts). You can find the mod name in the title of the forum topic.

If one of the below-mentioned directories does not exist, create it.

Install directory

The mods are installed globally and enabled per world.

The common place to install them is $path_user/mods/. That is minetest-install-directory/mods/ in the official windows releases and RUN_IN_PLACE versions on Linux and ~/.minetest/mods/ in globally installed Minetest versions. You will have to create these directories if they do not yet exist.

After extracting the mod there you need to enable it for your world. This can either be done in the GUI by clicking on "Configure" in the world selection, or by adding load_mod_<modname> = true in the file in the world directory.

Note that newly installed mods are disabled for all worlds by default, so you explicitly need to enable them.

Additional install directories

Other places to install mods are world-directory/worldmods/, $path_share/mods/ and $<path_user, path_share>/games/<gameid>/mods/.

Note that users should generally install mods in the normal install directory and not in the additional ones.

Example structure

In this example the mods “carts” and “tnt” are installed:

    ├── carts/
    │   ├── depends.txt
    │   ├── init.lua
    │   ├── functions.lua
    │   ├── README.txt
    │   ├── textures/
    │   │   ├── carts_top.png
    │   │   └── ...
    │   └── models/
    │       ├── cart.x
    │       └── ...
    └── tnt/
        ├── init.lua
        ├── depends.txt
        ├── README.txt
        ├── textures/
        │   ├── tnt_side.png
        │   └── ...
        └── sounds/
            ├── tnt_explode.ogg
            └── ...
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